Nederburg Heritage Heroes – the next chapter in the #OnceUponANederburg story

The Nederburg story is one I was recently introduced to when the wine maker reached out and invited me to a gourmet pairing evening at Gemeli’s Pantry. Continue reading “Nederburg Heritage Heroes – the next chapter in the #OnceUponANederburg story”

KandyBoi’s Guide To The Bad Bitch Experience

You probably stopped dead in your tracks after reading the words “bad bitch” but now that you’re here…

Let’s talk about the second annual Bad Bitch Experience will be taking place this weekend Continue reading “KandyBoi’s Guide To The Bad Bitch Experience”

Khanyi Dhlomo is My Mentor, She Just Doesn’t Know It Yet

If you ask any young black, millennial, female who decided to actively pursue a career in media, what keeps her going despite the numerous obstacles that pop up along the way, Khanyi Dhlomo’s success story is bound to come up in conversation.

It all began for most when they saw this young woman who, at the age of 20, made history as the first black newscaster for South Africa’s national broadcaster in 1995. Continue reading “Khanyi Dhlomo is My Mentor, She Just Doesn’t Know It Yet”

Why Anita Ronge – the “Kasi Mlungu” – is Wrong

On my way to work yesterday morning, I was confronted by some BS in the form of the self-proclaimed ‘Kasi Mlungu’ who seemed to be trying to say that her life is so hard because she’s too white to be black and too black to be white. Continue reading “Why Anita Ronge – the “Kasi Mlungu” – is Wrong”