What’s the REAL reason behind Chris Brown and Offset’s beef?

The past week in entertainment has been quite bizarre…

With everything from Bow Wow being arrested for assault to Liam Neeson admitting to Continue reading “What’s the REAL reason behind Chris Brown and Offset’s beef?”


Did Bonang Matheba rip off Netflix’s American meme?

Upon reading the recently released press release for Bonang Matheba’s a first-time as an executive producer on a project called Public Figure, I began to wonder one thing… 

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Media Girl Vlogs | Ntando Duma exposes her baby daddy and Rihanna sues her daddy

This past week’s public entertainment discourse was dominated by one thing: child support, all thanks to the drama between Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka. 

The saga began when Junior De Rocka (real name Continue reading “Media Girl Vlogs | Ntando Duma exposes her baby daddy and Rihanna sues her daddy”


Celebs using lies to publicize projects is played out

Gone are the days when you can even be happy for your faves because every announcement these days seems to be made as part of a larger publicity stunt for some lukewarm project or news that no one will even care about once they find out that they have just been lied to. 

Lord knows which American star they are Continue reading “Celebs using lies to publicize projects is played out”

Inside Kwesta’s white wedding to Yolanda


Even though Yolanda Mvelase has been hinting for a while that their white wedding is on the way, it didn’t really click when Tshepi posted that she and JR were on their way to Senzo on Yolanda’s wedding that the Senzo they were talking about is Kwesta. Continue reading “Inside Kwesta’s white wedding to Yolanda”

#SAFTAs13 red carpet review

Another event, another South African red carpet and we STILL haven’t been served any looks to write home about.

The truth of the matter regarding how dismal South African red carpets are rubs many people up the wrong way but we all know Continue reading “#SAFTAs13 red carpet review”

Sizzling DJ Zinhle shoot kicks of the first 2019 issue of Glam Africa magazine

Shortly after setting up their South African office Glam Africa Magazine has decided to kick off 2019 with a bang. Their latest cover star DJ Zinhle slays us in an editorial shoot featuring a LAIDT pink wig.

The latest edition, titled ‘Think Smart’ is focused on new ways of living and most importantly, new ways of achieving success.

In the January – March issue, Glam Africa takes a look at the best lifestyle apps aimed at helping you smarten up all areas of your life in 2019, from money management to shopping.

The cover star chronicles how she built a successful career in a male-dominated industry the unconventional way, while raising an equally popular daughter.

DJ Zinhle covers the first quarterly issue of Glam Africa for 2019 | Image: supplied

“With multiple other businesses under her belt like watch brand Era by DJ Zinhle, Fuse Academy (A DJ’ing School for girls), a recently released book on self-improvement titled Meeting Your Power and a motherhood-centric blog called MOMents By DJ Zinhle, we sought to find out her secrets to a balanced life and the smart ways to parenting as a businesswoman,” said Glam Africa Mag.

GA also caught up with the viral Kupe Boys, four french men who recently broke the internet with a video of them doing a synchronised dance for the #KupeChallenge.

These young men became the latest overnight celebrities given birth to by social media in 2018.

“The quartet of Jim Seuh, Habitu Etoi, Yoyo and Teddy Ovo had African women across the world stopping in their tracks when the men dropped their entry to the #KupeChallenge on Instagram. We got up close and personal to ask all the questions we know our subscribers wanted to know about their love life, newfound fame and their pet-peeves,” added GA.

Other features in this issue:

  • All the best, most-hardworking beauty products you need to start your year off in the right, smart way
  • Another huge dose of inspiration in the form of the 12 Days of Glam feature which profiles 12 amazing women who trail blazed in 2018
  • Power dressing and how to nail it this year
  • Valentines Day shopping guide – as well as what you can gift yourself!
  • A look at love and sensuality the Senegalese way
  • The top 10 things to do in Morocco
  • And an essential packing guide for any getaway

Glam Africa is a quarterly lifestyle publication that showcases African excellence with a worldwide readership of 1.5 million and distributed in the UK, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. The publication is available digitally and in stores.

Glam Africa Magazine is stocked in Shoprite, Checkers, Exclusive Bookstore as well as on-demand at www.glamafrica.com/magazine.


Creative Director: Boipelo Jean Chababa

DJ Zinhle Management: Jessica Porter at Cinnamon PR

Styling: David Tlale

GA Fashion Assistant: Rowdy Planker

Makeup Artist: Audrey Mofokeng

Hairstylist: Xola Madubedube, The San Hair

Photographer: Kyle Brown

Photographic Assistant: Glody Kasongo

Videographer: Kutlwano Sesoko 

Main image credit: supplied