Stoan vs Ntsiki 2015

Black Twitter is always lit on a Sunday and you would think that Given and Nthabi’s #OPW wedding would be the highlight of the night but just as we were settling in for the night, Ntiski Mazwai and Stoan Seate decided to get messy all over the TL.

Granted, we’ve become used to Ntiski’s brand of spice but when Stoan decided to get on her level, we stopped everything and became glued to our timelines.

According to Just Curious who documented it all on their TL, the twar began with Mazwai throwing shade at Seate for his Drum Magazine feature about his family

Mazwai was not happy with the fact that her niece – the child Seate had with her older sister Thandiswa was – was not a part of the feature…

Seate clearly refused to let it slide this time and a few other celebrities weighed in on the mess.

The rest – as they say – is history and can be seen in the following screenshots.

It’s sad that this little girl’s family decided to get messy on the Twitter streets but now we wait to see what her mom has to say and I, for one, hope they work it out for her sake.


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