2015 Best Nine – Fave South African Instagrammers

The days between Christmas and new year are always a haze of confusion.

You have no idea what to do with yourself because the build up to Christmas has come and gone and the build up to New Years Eve seems so far away. So far away that you spend your days alternating between wanting to go out for NYE and wanting to stay home.

One thing is for sure, the post-Christmas/ pre-New Year’s eve haze is spent reflecting – on the things that were and how they affect the things that are yet to come.

Reflection is a always a personal thing – despite SOME people imposing their revelations on us in verbose, emoji-filled Instagram captions.

One website has made this reflection something we can all do together (superficially, that is).

Introducing #2015best nine.

You’ve probably seen the ‘best nine’ collage on a few of your favorite Instagrammers pages and if you haven’t already created your own, you’re probably wondering what the heck it’s all about.

Well, the website has created a way for Instagram users to see their year in review, in the form of a collage, captioned with the cumulative likes they have received in 2015.

This simple little image is spreading like wildfire. All you have to do is enter #2015bestnine into the search bar on your explore page in the Instagram app to see its reach.

South African celebs such as Jessica Nkosi and Khanyi Mbau have garnered an amazing amount of likes this past year so here are my picks for best nine local instagrammers for 2015:

1. Bonang “Nomvula” Matheba


2. Gareth Pon


3. Khanyi Mbau


4. Nomzamo Mbatha


5. Maps Maponyane


6. Zeno “Zenography” Petersen

Enter a caption

7. Kutlwano “Tha_filmaka” Ditsele


8. Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane


9. Melody Molale


Who were your faves to follow this past year?

Tell me on Twitter/Instagram: @mediagirl_za

To get your own best nine collage head over to 2015bestnine.com and enter your Instagram user name in the search bar.

*Sidenote: it won’t work if your account is private.


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