Audition to win one of 10 bursaries sponsored by Mo Flava

Although the Fees Must Fall battle is far from won, for the 6th year running, prospective students with a diploma entry matric certificate stand a chance to benefit from Mo Flava’s media studies bursary.

From the 16th to the 30th of January 2016, prospective media studies students can head to one of two Boston Media House campuses to earn one of 10 bursaries to be paid for by Metro FM radio personality and club DJ, Mo Flava.

Auditions/Interviews for bursary allocations will be held at both the Sandton and Pretoria campuses during the college’s open days later this month.

Mo wants to change the perception and stereotypes surrounding a career in media such as

“having a nice voice or being good looking will cut it” or that to get into the media industry does not require one to study.

“Whether someone wants to be on radio as a host or producer, on TV, or as a journalist, it is important to understand the craft and sciences behind these fields and what it takes to be excellent, just like anyone trying to studying and get into finance or accounting for example” said Mo Flava in a statement.

Mo will conduct all the auditions and be available between 09:30am and 13:30pm on the dates listed below. Thereafter, he will make a judgement on which 10 candidates will receive the bursaries.

Audition dates are as follows:

  • 16 January Sandton
  • 23 January Pretoria
  • 30 January Sandton

The open days will also include an “Ask Me Anything” session, where a panel of industry experts will be invited to share their knowledge about the media industry. All prospective media students are encouraged to attend these sessions.

For tips on how prospective candidates can prepare for their audition, connect with Mo Flava on social media:


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