Actor Thapelo Mokoena chronicles hit and run ordeal on Facebook

Actor and director, Thapelo Mokoena shared details of an allegedly racially motivated hit and run on his Facebook page an hour ago.


Read the text extracted from the post below:

“A Hate Crime. This is my Story.

On the 5th of January 2016 at 19h45, I decided to go for an evening run in

the bright streets of Vanderbijlpark South SE3 in the Vaal. Fitness being top priority as the new yrar begins. The target was a 10km run just like I had done in the morning of the same day. A calm suburb that I had become accustomed to for well over 4 years. The streets are lit and calm, so in an aim to avoid the scorching heat during the day, early mornings and early evenings make the most suitable time to run/jog.

I started my run

and it’s was going well as usual. I reached my 5km mark and started to make my way back. I was listening to my Nike Run music playlist as I trotted along and it was notifying me every 2 kilometres so I was well on track. My target of 10km in 55mins is well within reach. Nikeplus notifies me on 6th km as I make my way back. I keep going and just before I reach 7km it all ended. What happened??

The next thing I know I wake up on the side of the road bleeding everywhere( from my head, my arms & my legs) .I am disorientated,shouting at the man helping me. He keeps saying, “I’m calling an ambulance, you are badly hurt!” and I keep saying, “No! Take me to my house or I’ll walk there. I want to see my wife and my son.” He puts his foot down and says, “I AM TAKING YOU TO THE HOSPITAL or WE ARE WAITING HERE FOR AN AMBULANCE!” He had called one already. By this time his wife has also left the house and joined us in aid.

Apparently by this point I was saying a lot of things, some making sense some not, but mostly that I want to go home to my wife and son. All i can remember is that he was wearing a comrades marathon top and i kept saying, “oh i see you’re a runner as well” amongst all the madness.

He puts me in his car and drives me home, its easy to direct him as i was a mere 2,5km away from home to make the 10km. I get off the car and run into the house and tell wife to drive me to hospital and no one else should follow or come with us, even my good samaritan.

He tries to fight my decision and quickly sees that I mean business and just follows behind my wife and I in his car. We get to the hospital, my wife is in shock but super composed at the same time, while dealing with me. I get taken by the hospital staff and I collapse on to the stretcher bed and the rest is history.

The question still remains though, what happened?

Now according to the 2 street rubbel collecter guys, a red Audi was driving on the fast lane and changed lanes to come to the slow lane to knock me out the road and got back on the fast lane to drive off. Literally HIT & RUN! I was unconcious for 15 to 20 minutes on the road and i miraculously took a huge gasp of air and went manic. According to the 2 street guys, the driver of the vehicle and his passenger where white males…

The same night I wake up in hospital in a lot of pain. I have open wound in my head and i am being stitched, open wounds on my back, my arms and the back of my legs and a fractured ankle so I can’t walk. I am screaming as this is taking place and I’m asking questions, “Where is my wife and Son?” I am still wearing my running clothes (neon blue Nike running t shirt, and black shorts) except the shoes, they’ve been taken off. Full of blood. My hospital bed is red and my family is all around me.

All I remember was going for a quick run and i was going to come back home to pack and leave the next day for my home in Johannesburg and later to Rustenburg for the 104 years of the African National Congress celebrations.

Now obviously none of the above took place as this is day 4 in hospital dealing with pains, trying to fight internal bleeding & not being able to sleep and I still have no clue who did this to me and why.

The investigators can only start when I have lifted myself from this bed and gone to the police station to file my case, I still have no idea who the drivers of the red Audi are/were.

Now,I promised myself that this would be my personal battle & I wouldn’t use my celebrity status to make noise about this ordeal.

But I went and changed my mind today. I thought about it and I decided the struggle continues and I shall continue to be a public servant and highlight that there’s not yet UHURU. We are still in a South Africa full of hate and anamosity. When I see the ANC celebrating 104 years, I look at the mirror at my dishevelled face and I’m reminded that we are still stuck in the Land of Struggle. We have a long way to go and we have a lot to undo.

It’s so much easier to spread LOVE like Robert Nesta Marley said.

However, those with influence forget that their voices and words are full of power & impact. Whether negative or Positive. The Pennys, Justins & Chriss of this world have re-planted a seed of hate in these streets.They have caused a divide in our time in our sensetive society.They have fuelled doubt and triggered insecurity.

We can’t undo the sins of our past. We can change our future.
At this rate, nothing will change if hate is still our daily bread.

I wrote on my Instagram post yesterday. I was thanking all those selfless MEN & WOMEN of the African National Congress (who are no longer with us) for selflessly fighting and standing up for Us so we could one day decide to go for an evening run at any given time or place in our country South Africa.

I meant it from the bottom of my soul because we will never understand what it took to get us here, we will never understand what sacrifices families went through to liberate Us as a Nation. I am a FREE artist because of that STAND. 

The sad part off course is, its 2:30 am I can’t even sleep because every angle I turn on, I sleep on a wound. Ive even started doing push ups in order to use this time effectively. You should see these scars. I feel like I’m acting on one of my movies and It’s all make up. The fucken irony. I starred in a movie called Long Walk to Freedom as Elias Motsoaledi. I wasn’t at all aware that the walk was still long and still continuing.


I will now focus on healing and count the months until i can get back to what i love doing, Film & TV acting and production. God Bless my Africa & those who live within it.

No further Comments and this is NOT a media invitation. It’s now off my chest.”

I’m just glad he made it out alive. Not only because he has a talent that we value but because he has a life and family he needed to return to.


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