South African Viral Video Stars – Weh de Guareezy?

While video is nothing new, the way we consume it has undergone a complete overhaul. It may have killed the radio star but viral video has breathed life into the social media star.


Thanks to the flood of video apps and the video capabilities added to some of our favourite apps, anyone with a sense of humour and a steady stream of ideas can captivate an audience and turn that into something incredibly lucrative.

South African internet users, who may not have viewed video content that often in the past, have finally come to the party and the video stars of yester-year such as Casper Lee, Khaya Dlanga and Yagazi Emezi have had to make way for the new school.

From PharoahFi, Moshe Ndiki and DJ Khathu to Atandwa Kani and Fikile Mthwalo, the local online community has been blessed with a steady stream of hilarious content.

The numbers add up and they don’t lie and no one has capitalized on this more than our first entertainer.

Moshe Ndiki


With over 25900 likes on Facebook and 9000+ Twitter followers, it is no wonder that Ndiki has his own dedicated hashtag #MosheMondays and enjoys a spot on the Bona Mag team using his preferred platform to offer Bona readers some advice.

From the 25th to the 29th of January, we’ll also get to see Ndiki on MTV Base as their new continuity presenter.



Most of us were first introduced to Farieda “PharoahFi” Metsileng during her time on the second season of Dineo Ranaka’s reality show, Dineo’s Diary.

Having previously worked in production for eTV’s Club 808 and MVP Jam, PharoahFi describes herself as an “entertainer, singer and performer who loves interacting with people.”

She then re-appeared on our timelines late last year when her “Weh da Guareezy” video started doing the rounds. Now, fans can’t get enough of her commentary on EVERYTHING.

PharoahFi said the response to her video – initially titled “Guide to Dezemba” – has been bigger than she had initially imagined. “I never expected it to be anything like what it became.

The timing was also perfect because the Festive season was approaching and people have more time to be active in social media.”

She credited a former boss for the idea to use Instagram. “She knew about my goals and she insisted that I use what I have to create a name for myself.”

PharoahFi “gets inspired by everyday people doing everyday things,” and she said that “reading people’s expressions and recreating them” is what helps her create her content.

This all seems to have worked because she currently has over 3000 followers on Twitter and 15200 on Instagram.
She’s great at mimicking accents and takes on a number of personas in her popular videos.

Each persona has her own name. “Guareezy” girl’s name is Nthabiseng (because PharoahFi felt the name suits her), the American girl is named Sheniqua and the coloured girl named is Chantel. However, those aren’t the only characters she assumes. She has also done incredibly accurate impersonations of the rude cashiers we often come across on any given trip to our preferred grocery stores.

PharoahFi remained tight lipped about what big opportunities have come about as a result of her videos but the fact that she said “you’ll see them as they unfold lol!!!” means that we can expect to see her making some major moves this year.

Another opportunity she said she would be open to is ‘PharoahFi on Location’. “If the opportunity arises, hell yeah! I’d love for my personas to live outside of the internet!” Could you just imagine PharoahFi on location? Nthabiseng at the Metro Awards would make for some hilarious viewing.

Atandwa and Fiks

While Farieda uses a combination of accents, imitations and popular topics to get us talking and laughing, actors Atandwa Kani and Fikile Mthwalo use their love to entertain fans and give them #RelationshipGoals of note.

The couple graduated from showing off their love under the dedicated hashtag, #TheCourageToBeHappy to posting some hilarious videos of their time together. Between them, they have over 50 000 Instagram followers.

DJ Khathu

Seeing as DJ Khathu has over 47000 likes on Facebook and 5000+ Twitter followers, the new-found power of the local social media star is undeniable.

Jo-Ann Strauss even changed the format of her popular Online Presenter Search competition and renamed it “Social Star” as a result. This time around, she called on contestants to create a video entry and rack up as many views as possible to qualify.

While some contestants racked up views in the thousands, none of them got anywhere near as many views as the aforementioned entertainers.

That many numbers in a captive audience could translate to just as many numbers in an bank account and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for each of them depending on what they chose to do with the gold mines they’re sitting on.

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