Blayze on: female fans, artists supporting each other and his latest EP

Considering the fact that hip hop artist Blayze is a VERY good looking man, it’s about time he catered exclusively to his female fan base.

DotCom, Blayze and Nadia Nakai
Ladies Night EP listening party. From left: DotCom, Blayze and Nadia Nakai. Photo Cred: PRuth Communications Pty Ltd

His most recent effort, an EP titled “Ladies Night” provides the perfect soundtrack to all that ‘alone time’ you may be spending with your bae. Especially if you’re the kind of girl who likes to dance for him

And even if you do not have a #HIM to dance for, who says you can’t blaze the EP – pun intended – and have a solo dance party?

I expected a lot of slow, RnB type tracks but the EP provides a pleasant surprise by being a jump right from the intro. I was ready to get up and do a slow twerk the minute I heard “Put it On Me” but I had to reign myself in because I was at the office.

If your man does what he’s supposed to be doing, the track called “Blushing” will have you blushing at the descriptive nature of the lyrics.

The first question that sprang to mind when I heard about the EP was “why now?”

“I haven’t made any musical content for women who are my biggest support base” said Blayze, before adding “I decided it made sense to make an EP focused on content women would find appealing. I would never cut off or alienate any part of my support – the hip hop heads who want hard beats and lyrics will still be catered to, however, the focus on this project is women. Having said that though…I’m actually surprised at the amount of guys who have tweeted and said they like the project and they would listen to it with their girlfriend etc. I didn’t expect that”

As a woman, I can totally understand why men would be fans of the project too. Though it is aimed at women, it does not feed into stereotypes of the kind of music one would think we want to hear.

Mandla Hlatswayo, Blayze and Tumi Tladi
Ladies Night listening party. From left: Mandla Hlatswayo, Blayze and Tumi Tladi. Photo Cred: PRuth Communications Pty Ltd

Which is probably why there were so many fellas at the listening party Blayze hosted a few weeks ago. He received quite a lot of celebrity support and you rarely ever see too much of that in South Africa’s media industry unless people are from the same movement or project.

Blayze says this kind of support is due to the fact that “artists are aware of the time, effort, stress and money it takes to make your dream work, so mutual support goes a long way.”

Despite the surprise of men loving the project too, he says the response to the EP has been amazing.

“I’ve had nothing but positive feedback which is great for me because I was a bit anxious putting the project out. I didn’t doubt myself or the work, I just didn’t know how people would react to it.”

Music and art is your baby, it’s precious, you want people to like it. – Blayze

“This project was very intimate because it was based on personal experiences I had so sharing that is a bit scary I guess. All in all, I’m happy that people like it, and I’m looking forward to the next project,” he adds.

Those personal experiences might have to do with the mystery lady he referred to when asked if there are any women that he is a fan of.

“She’s probably reading this interview, and at this point she’s probably smiling about this question….and that’s all you need to know J.”

Blayze’s “Ladies Night” EP is available to stream and download. You can STREAM it here or DOWNLOAD it here.

Let me know what you thought about the project, hit me up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #LadiesNight.


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