Netflix wants to pay YOU $2000 just to take Instagram pics

How does a free trip and $4000 sound? Too good to be true right? Well, not according to Netflix!

The global video streaming service is looking for an Instagrammer who they will fly out to Europe on their tab and pay $2,000 per week (over two weeks) to snap a few pics on Netflix sets and post them on Instagram.

The are four “Grammasters” spots up for grabs in their #grammasters3 competition/job offer.

All you have to do is find the best photos on your feed and add the #grammasters3 hashtag to them by 6 March (thank goodness for that ‘edit caption’ feature, right?!).

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Netflix will pick 25 finalists by March 11th and notify them thereafter.

If they pick you, you’ll be on your way to Europe after filling out some paperwork and a Skype interview.

Awesome right? For more info, click here.


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