‘Dineo’s Diary’ season 5 – all about family values and personal growth

As a day-one Dineo’s Diary fan, I am excited to see the show going into its fifth season. One thing that has been consistent throughout the series and it will be no different as it is all about family values and personal growth in Dineo’s Diary’ season 5.

The outspoken, witty and glamorous queen of local reality TV, Dineo Ranaka returns this April for a 5th season of her reality show, Dineo’s Diary and she will be sporting a brand new look.

From her stint at YFM and over the past four seasons of her show, we’ve seen Dineo evolve as an individual facing the personal and family drama that has helped shape her into the success she has become.

This season Dineo promises her fans a more “centered self”, as she reveals that she’ll continue on her journey of self-discovery and truly unearth her core. Who better to share her growth, life experiences, and journey than the loyal fans who have followed her since the very first season of her show?

I am no longer confused, I am content with the woman I have become, flaws and all,” said Dineo in a statement. The “more adjusted” Dineo explains that she has grown to understand the value of setting boundaries with a number of people in her life. While she is embracing her path and all that life throws at her, in this season we see more of her motherly side, her being more sensitive, considerate and grown up, although it would not be Dineo’s Diary without a consistent dose of drama…

M-Net Local Entertainment’s Head of Reality, Sphumelele Sibeko affirms that the channel continues to enjoy and explore its already established talents.

We truly believe Dineo is a gem, she is accessible and real, most of all, she is a talented woman whom a range of young adults can relate to. While this season offers something different, it promises to be just as entertaining, exciting and dramatic as ever,” said Sibeko in a statement.

Fans of the candid entrepreneur can catch her on VUZU AMP (DStv channel 114) from the 11 of April at 19:00 and every Monday thereafter.


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