An All-Female Rap Kollectiv – How KLUTCH is that?

When it comes to hip-hop, forming, belonging to and pushing a movement is just as important as your ability to rap. Boyz n Buck$, CashTime Life and even the North Gods are proof of the old adage, “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”

Now don’t get it twisted, they are not the only movements in the game but they are enjoying the most visibility and airplay right now.

What stands out to me is the fact that there are only two women affiliated with the aforementioned movements. DJ Doowap kicks it with the Boyz n Buck$ and Moozlie is CashTime’s first lady. Speaking of first ladies, Fifi Cooper never misses an opportunity to remind you that she is Motswako’s first lady.

While each lady is killing it in her own right and running the game alongside the felllas, one can’t help but ask where the all-female movements are?

Cue Klutch Kollective, the brainchild of multiple-award-winning, BET Award nominee, Toya Delazy.

Dubbed as SA’s first all-female rap crew, Delazy joined forces with three of her University of Durban alumni who now form part of the four-member crew.

The Klutch Kollective comprises of Toya Delazy, DK, Fiah and Genius – all of whom are no strangers to the South African music scene.

Klutch portraits
Klutch Kollectiv. Image: Supplied

DK & Genius were two of the only three females picked out of thousands of entries to participate in the 2015 Vuzu’s reality competition, The Hustle. Genius also participated in SA Idols (Top 100), SA Pop Stars (Top 48) and made The Top 10 on the Vuzu Hustle.

Fiah is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. She has a slew of film roles, including a principle role in 2014 local box office hit Between Friends, under her belt She is also the face of Ukhozi FM’s new campaign, and the raspy bad girl voice behind SABC Encore’s hip-hop themed track.

Klutch has kicked off its existence by releasing a debut single called Back To The Roots, which is now available as a FREE download for THE NEXT 48 HOURS ONLY.

You can download Back To The Roots here or stream it here.

Delazy played the roles of executive producer, producer and chorus vocals on the track which is about taking hip hop back to its roots, to something more conscious.

“It’s a humbling experience to finally see Klutch Kollective come into fruition. I believe SA desperately needs a conscious hip hop movement and I’m certain the collective voices of women will be able to achieve this” said Delazy in a statement.


Connect with Klutch Kollective:

Facebook: Klutch Kollective

Twitter: @KlutchKollectiv

Instagram: @KlutchKollectiv

Follow ME on Twitter and Instagram @mediagirl_za




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