Papa Action is Back! In Conversation With K.O About His New Single

No, it’s not an April Fool’s prank, Mr. CashTime just dropped a new single alongside his new website and it goes in!

I went solo and look at what I did with the music,

numbers on the board look what I did with the units

Now Skhanda is officially a movement,

I created a lane the first CD is the blueprint

Gave a face to the game, had to give it a new twist.

These are the opening lines to K.O’s brand new single, titledPapa Action. It is the first single off his forthcoming sophomore album, which he confirms is currently in the works, and is slated for a 3rd quarter release.

Papa Action’ was produced by a young producer from Limpopo named Kam. He was also responsible for the smash hit ‘Son of a Gun’ and K.O intends to work with him on the upcoming album.

According to a statement from CashTime Life, K.O wants to differentiate himself from those who are more concerned with being ‘Twitter celebrities’ than with putting in work. In fact, K.O assures us that he’s “more action, less talk”.

Why Papa Action? Well, K.O said it was “his whole cadence and attitude in the school yard. He didn’t regard himself about one to fit in with the norm. He saw himself on a different level.”

I’m not calling myself a bully or a gangster, it’s just that I am more about the action. – K.O

He’s not sticking to Papa action’s persona as a theme for the album though.

“I have a multifaceted body of work. I’m not yet sure about how many songs will make the final cut… So no, we haven’t locked down and actual theme,” he explained.

I’ve been following the conversation around #PapaAction all morning and fans had expressed the fact that they found it unfair that K.O decided to make such a splash a week after his label mate Ma’E released his debut solo effort.

“I was actually meant to release before him [Ma’E]. The last time I released an album was in 2014 and fans have been asking for new stuff from me but I decided to let Ma’E’s work take precedence,” said K.O.

His own debut effort, called ‘Skhanda Republic,’ which ushered in a new sound is what he is talking about. The album saw South African hip hop fans exposed to what he calls ‘Skhanda rap.’

He went on to add, “at the end of the day, [Ma-E is] a very strong brand on his own. His album has been very well received and we’ll continue to push it.”

Despite all that, fans seem to be enjoying it thus far. They even managed to get #PapaAction trending this morning.

Head over to to stream K.O’s new track. Let me know what you think on Twitter and Instagram. Use the hashtag #PapaAction and follow me @mediagirl_za


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