HYPE Magazine goes 100% digital – FINALLY!

It’s a move I feel they should have made years ago but HYPE Magazine has finally decided to go 100% digital.

This means that collector’s edition hard copies of the magazine will only be released as special issues from now on.

Everything else, including exclusive interviews, music downloads, news, music videos, unique visual content, columns and the regular features HYPE readers love (such as Newcomer’s Delight, HYPE Honey, Sneak Peak, cover stories, HYPE Sessions CDs) will be available on the HYPE Magazine website.


They’ve been at it for an unbelievable 12 years! They’ve basically existed alongside the development of web 2.0 and social media so one wonders “why now?”

“Many of the major platforms in our space have already made this move (shout-out to XXL, Complex, Vibe, The Fader, Slikouronlife) in the past couple of years, and rightfully so, as it is a space where we will be able to give you a higher level of creativity and raw cultural content, faster and with much fewer limitations. When I think about sustainability of the culture, online is the future,” said current editor, Fred Kayembe in a statement.

Despite the move, HYPE assures us that it is still as committed as ever to playing its part in the growth of local hip hop culture and will continue to be a pivotal part of the game.


The final regular issue of HYPE Issue #72 – the collector’s edition I’stayela issue featuring Emtee on the cover – is currently available on shelves nationwide.

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