Chad da Don comes for Cassper Nyovest with “Chad is Better”

I’ve been ignoring the existence of Chad da Don’s new diss track all morning but now that I’ve heard it, I can’t help but wonder why he’s been pretending as if everything was cool between him and Cass when he’s clearly SO touched…

From the cover art and the flow, right down to the references in the lyrics, it’s pretty clear who Chad is coming for.

The track is called “Chad is Better” and follows somewhat of a Doc Shebeleza flow on the hook. The cover art shows a white man’s hand holding a pair of scissors to a fishtail braid.

A fishtail braid GUYS! I laughed so hard at that. Whether it was an oversight on the part of the graphic designer or an intentional diss, it’s still incredibly hilarious to me.

I had no idea that Chad was signed to Cassper’s Family Tree record label until I took the time out to find out WTF the beef is all about because as far as I knew, the two rappers were cool with one another.

Lyrics include spicy (and somewhat sad) lines like:

“Heroes are strong but they can fall”
“You’re a joke compared to how I play my cards, left the label but now I’m moving on”
“Heard you got money now, spent about R500K on a Bent, that’s okay motherf*****, remember the money you owe me for rent”
“We know how you got here, you mimicked Amilli and gave it gusheshe”
“They say “Shabba Ranks,” you copied that and said Shebeleza”

“I can’t let it go, that they said that I would never blow”

That last line tells me that Chad is so touched because the one person who was supposed to believe in him failed to do that. They “they” that he is referring to could be Family Tree Records (who recently signed Nadia Nakai).

On the other hand, if you’ve got the rap game on lock, you should be able to end up getting represented by someone who believes in your dream hard enough to make it a reality.

Someone who sees the talent and will work tirelessly to put in on the platform it deserves.
This is the first one of Chad’s tracks that I have listened to so I can’t comment on his talent or skill level. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how everything turns out for him.

You can stream or download “Chad is Better” here:

Cassper Nyovest hasn’t addressed the beef yet. All he did was confirm purchasing the Bentley with this post.


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