AKA Releases Dreamwork, Fans Crash Website

The #3RDWRLDBOSS, AKA, is the latest musician to experience a website crash due to the incredible demand for his music.

The rapper released his new single called Dreamwork featuring Yanga in the early hours of Friday morning which was already trending by 3am and by 7am, all hell had broken loose!

The website in question is the dedicated website – http://www.iiirdwrld.com/ – which was activated this morning as part of the synchronized launch of the single. The website features an exclusive, unique animated video for the track which you have to tweet or share to unlock.

Seeing as the cover art plays on the popular 90s video game, Contra, could AKA be alluding to the element of getting to the next level quicker when you are in a team?

The track features lyrics like:

“That’s dreamwork, that’s the message,
First you count the paper then you count the blessings
Don’t ever let the haters put you under pressure
And don’t forget that every failure is a lesson”

Dreamwork is his first official single release since Baddest and Baddest Remix in 2015 which are still performing quite well and receiving a lot of airplay. The Baddest Remix featuring Rouge, Moozlie, Fifi Cooper and Gigi Lamayne just scored him a SAMA nomination and alongside his Best Collaboration nom for All Eyes On Me featuring Burna Boy and Da L.E.S.

Dreamwork – produced by noteworthy producer, KJ Conteh of California – is all about how “teamwork” makes the “DREAM” work. Conteh has produced music for the likes of 50cent, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. and Drake just to name a few.

dreamwork cover art

If you’re dying to hear it, you can:

itunes Purchase AKA’s Dreamwork featuring Yanga on iTunes 

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