Stream or purchase Solo’s latest track “How Cool Is This Love”

Could 2016 be the year of the team in South Africa’s music scene?

The latest release from Solo (one half of the rap duo Betr Gang) certainly makes it seem that way. Solo, whose real name is Zothile Langa, has come together with

American-born singer, songwriter and producer Ziyon for a brand new single called How Cool Is This Love.

How Cool Is This Love’ is the third official single off Solo’s highly anticipated sophomore album ‘.Dreams.B.Plenty.’ which is almost done and due for release later this year.


“‘.Dreams.B.Plenty.’ is coming along really well. It’s close to 2 years in the making now so we’re just about done with the bulk of it. All decisions have been made regarding direction and features etc. We’re definitely in the polishing phase,” said Solo.

Much like AKA’s track called Dreamwork, Solo’s latest song is a celebration of what can happen with teamwork. But judging by the description thereof, it differs in its focus.

And Solo explained why, “had you heard “How Cool Is This Love” without having read a press release about its subject matter, you wouldn’t think that it’s in the same vein as Dreamwork. Just like the title, the press release description is the tip of the iceberg. The songs will only be similar if you desperately look for similarities.”

How Cool Is This Love’ focuses on what one has to do to make sure that they win and they ensure that they take everyone who supported and hustled with them along on the ride with them.

“The title can be very misleading, I agree. But I think that is a good thing because the music needs to speak louder than its packaging. You might assume you’re about to hear a love song when you read that title. Truth is, you’d have to leave some reservation for my interpretation and angle. Nothing I make is necessarily straight forward in that department. I chose that title because the statement makes sense in the context of the song,” explained Solo.


“Working with Ziyon has been a long time coming. The decision to have him on this song was an easy one. We knew we had to make an emotive track to showcase our joint talents. This song is the right statement to make before releasing my sophomore album, ‘.Dreams.B.Plenty.’. I think it gives a clear idea of where my headspace is 2 years after releasing my debut project,” said Solo in a statement.

Considering the fact that the song is an ode to one’s team and support system, I asked Solo if he has played the track for his people.

“I did in fact play the song for those closest to me. They loved it.”

Stream and purchase ‘How Cool Is This Love’ on the BETR GANG website.

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