The sights, tastes and sounds of the Flying Fish #AddSomeFlavour Immersive Experience

Who wakes up early on a Saturday to go board a train to destinations unknown based solely on the promise of fun? The ultimate likers of fun, that’s who… But, those are the best people to party with and that is exactly what we did this past weekend in Magaliesburg thanks to Flying Fish.

Over a hundred gorgeous young people descended upon Park Station in Johannesburg this past Saturday to board the Flying Fish Flavour Fontrain to a secret location.

We had no idea we were in store for a fun filled two-hour train ride on a classic steam train with 5 FM’s Roger Goode playing host for the duration of the train ride.

Because they kept us well lubricated and played our favourite songs, it wasn’t long before we found ourselves in Magaliesburg where we were literally crossed the train tracks only to be greeted by music, selfie booths and ice-cold nguds before partying the day away in the Flying Fish Flavourfontein field.

The aim of the immersive experience was to introduce us to the Flying Fish Add Some Flavour Network by showing us what magic happens when their chosen creatives, influencers and all-around cool kids collaborate and create (aka add some flavour).

What is the Add Some Flavour Network you might ask? Well according to the people over at Flying Fish, “it’s a hub of creativity, a connected network of peeps who add some flavour to everything they do, from what they wear, to where they go, the things they do and the ways they use their craft to create something fly. It’s a place where music, fashion, art, food and just about anything that you *really* dig collide to create next-level, never-before-seen, DAMN-that’s-dope creations. It’s where we add some flavour…”


Luthando “Loot Love” Sosha took over the host duties for the day and began by introducing the first influencer – DJ Doowap – who paired with Paul Ballu of Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream to bring us ‘the flavour of sound’ which was absolutely DEE-LICIOUS! Especially with Doowap on the one’s and two’s.


Once Doowap was done, Bhubesi of clothing brand Punk & Ivy took over to bring us his collaboration with Lazi of Grey Spaces.

Watch what he had to say about the collaboration:


DJ Switch and a celebrity photographer, who simply goes by the name Ricardo, then showed us what happens when images meet sound and we got to take home actual photos of ourselves which Ricardo took throughout the day.


Loot then ended the day off by giving us a taste (pun intended) of her clothing collaboration with Dope Store called “Trust Your Dope.” Heavily influenced by her experience of having to look for clothes for her tall frame, the collection stays true to Sosha’s edgy and urban aesthetic while still keeping it low-key sexy.

Before we knew it, the day was over and it was time to head back home.

Here’s hoping the #AddSomeFlavour Network grows and paves the way for more immersive experiences across the continent.

Sign up to the #AddSomeFlavour Network here.

View images here:

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