WATCH: Ma-E’s Video for #Lie2Me Feat. AKA

CashTime Life’s Ma-E decided to switch it up with the kasi shoots and ended up filming a studio video for his smash hit featuring AKA, called ‘Lie 2 Me.’

The video made its debut in a #FirstWithBase exclusive on MTV Base earlier today and is currently sitting on 300o views on the CashTime Life YouTube channel.

The song is the 5th single of his first solo album called ‘Township Counsellor.’

Ma-E actually had a hand in directing the video and expressed his joy at the fact that it came out exactly as he imagined it would.

“I would say the video came out the way I envisioned it. I wanted a studio video with this particular song [because] I’ve been doing kasi locations so with this kind of song I wanted more of a studio video. That’s what I envisioned and I spoke to Tebogo from Uprooted Media and I knew it was going to be tough to come with props ad things that are going to bring the video to the level where it is today,” said Ma-E.

ma-e wire car

But with hard work, he continues, “I was able to get the wire car, which was handmade from the hood as well as the pyramids on fire as well as art directing the whole thing.”

The man behind the wire car is a young man named Juwas who Ma-E says is “from the hood, Mapetla in Chiawelo.”

Ma-E and AKA. Image source: Instagram

He’s also very happy with the visual effects and post production and says it came out exactly how he wanted it to. Ma-E says he spent a week working on it with the Uprooted Media team to ensure the visuals tied in with the narrative.

Watch Ma-E’s video for Lie 2 Me Featuring AKA here. It also features cameos from the squad, including Yanga, Maggz, Da L.E.S, K.O and Kid X.

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