From T from the V to Stogie T – Download Tumi Molekane’s latest singles

If you follow Tumi Molekane on Instagram, the name change comes as no surprise seeing as he changed his Instagram name ages ago.

Although Molekane has been going by Stogie T for a while, I never bothered to find out why he made the name change, which is probably why I missed the Instagram videos in which he explained what the name means.

First in his car…

S T O G I E T 💨💨💨 #AllowMeToReintroduceMyself

A video posted by Tumi Mole Kane (@stogie_t) on May 19, 2016 at 11:44am PDT


And later, at Sandton City’s Diamond Walk

STOGIE T. Say it right

A video posted by Tumi Mole Kane (@stogie_t) on May 21, 2016 at 2:54pm PDT


Pronounced ‘stowgee,’ the word stogie is slang for cigars which Molekane is a huge aficianado of. And as Urban Dictionary says…

“Definitely means cigar. If you refer to a cigarette as a stogie you might get slapped. More specifically, it can refer to a cheap cigar. However, it has come to mean, plainly, CIGAR.”

“Cigars have come to represent a certain [level of] elegance and a certain growth for me”Stogie T

stogie t press releaseYou can download Stogie T’s ‘Diamond Walk’ and ‘Big Dreams’ here:

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