Photoshop Drama – Lerato Kganyago vs. True Love Magazine

What’s a Monday morning in South Africa without a little drama right?

Earlier today, True Love Magazine called on it’s followers to guess who this month’s cover star is, as they usually do.

They later revealed that it was Lerato Kganyago but fans seemed to be unhappy about the fact that LKG didn’t look like herself on the cover.

LKG wasted no time in retweeting her fans’ discontent – seemingly echoing their feelings on the photoshop job.

She later tweeted to say she wasn’t bothered by the issue but homegirl clearly had a problem with it, otherwise she would have just let it slide from the get-go.

The True Love team and their editor Dudu Mvimbi responded with a very “sorry, not sorry” statement coupled with the raw images from the shoot and asked readers to decide for themselves which images they wanted.


“There’s a public misconception about retouching as recently pointed out by TRUE LOVE June cover star Lerato Kganyago. The tool, however, is used to enhance, colour correct and highlight the best features,” said True Love.


They ended the statement off on quite a shady note by adding “to put Lerato’s comments in perspective and give you a full picture, TRUE LOVE felt it best to show the before and after images of the TV and radio personality. #Judgeforyourself”

Lerato kept it gracious by tweeting the following and thanking True Love for featuring her on the cover:

“Anyway let’s celebrate the fact that I’m on the cover, I’ve gone back to school to get my degree, and I’m happy and content! Right?! ❤️

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