AKA goes on 3-hour rant about DJ Zinhle

Messy, messy, messy!

Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes is always going on about how we – the media – are always up in his business and how we don’t post facts but what must to can happen when you’re putting your business out in the streets?!

In his latest (and surely not his last) rant [which you can view at the end of this post], the rapper spent three hours venting about how hurt he is about how his own mother won’t even speak to him because of how fucky he is being. He then went to complain  (in a very petty manner) about how petty his ex-girlfriend Zinhle ‘DJ Zinhle’ Jiyane has been about the fact that HE CHEATED ON HER with Bonang Matheba

What set him off?

Well it seems as though DJ Zinhle getting herself Euphonik’s #NONKE merchandise is the straw that broke the camel’s back BUT it will still never compare to the feeling of getting cheated on while you were pregnant with someone’s child.

Z 1z 2z 3

AKA also noted how Zinhle has “colluded” with every single one of his enemies since the break up and how she has been petty while he has been nothing but the picture-perfect ex-boyfriend. My words, not his, but it seems as though that is the picture he was trying to paint.

He then went on to remind us all how he has never said anything against her, how he paid damages to her family according to their traditional customs and how he has always protected his child.

My question is, okay ke AKA, must we pat you on the back for doing what you were supposed to do? Big whoop.

Not having your own mother in your life however is a legitimate reason to be hurt but there must be a valid reason that we are not privy to that would lead a woman to not even want to be in her own son’s life – especially during such an important time in his personal and professional career. I have my theories but I’ll just keep those to myself…

And while I’m addressing Kiernan, I must say: it’s all about you fam! Could you just take a second to acknowledge what you did to hurt this woman so much that she STILL has the energy to be this petty?

Zinhle only became spicy after you hurt her in one of the most painful ways known to woman kind. It brings her joy to know she’s getting to you (trust me).

She could have done and said SO MUCH worse than throw low key shade and do things that annoy you.

We as fans and the media will never know the full story, you’re right, but we can sure as hell comment on the parts that we are privy to.

The only way for all of you to get over all this hurt is to go through it. It may take years before everything is civil again but for all your sakes, I hope the family heals and finds a way to be a family again, new dynamics (read: relationships) and all.

Check out AKA’s tweets about Zinhle, his strained relationship with his mom and how he and Bonang handled the saga below:


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