Catch Gigi Lamayne on YFM’s Live N ReYired This Friday

If you’re a Gigi Lamayne fan, make sure to tune into YFm this Friday night to hear an exclusive, never-been-heard-before live performance of songs from her upcoming debut album, iGenesis.

YFM’s Live n ReYired show is a live music broadcast show whereartists get to perform live in front of an audience and engage with them as well. Lamayne’s live audience will consist of fans, media, fellow musicians and other industry supporters.

Lamayne – who has been revealed as the face of the Moshito Music Conference 2016 – will perform a set of 6 songs. You can stay posted to Gigi Lamayne’s social media for the latest updates on her album and future endeavors.

Catch her on  YFM’s Live N ReYired (LNR) show (FM frequency 99.2) this Friday, 17 June 2016 from 10pm. You can also stream Live N ReYired on the Yfm wesbite.

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