SA’s not-so-secret, “secret” celebrity couples

When you step into the lime-light, one thing is guaranteed (and let me tell you now) it is not fame. While fame may not be guaranteed, increased public interest in your private life will be, whether you like it or not. And you will discover that people will hold you to a much higher standard than they hold themselves.

Just ask AKA and Bonang who personify the proverb about glass houses and stones. Their relationship was the country’s worst kept secret for a while but now that they’ve stepped into the light and come clean about it, the focus has somewhat shifted to their media industry counterparts who seem to be very fond of hiding behind the terms “buddy” and “friend.”

The following list is just a glimpse at some of the South Africa’s not-so-secret, “secret” celebrity couples.

  1. Nomzamo Mbatha and Maps Maponyane

Magazines and blogs keep gassing people up with false confirmations and misinterpreted answers from the pair but they have yet to explicitly say “yes, we are a couple.” Despite their continued ruse, it is safe to say that we all know that the two are together… however unexpected their pairing may be.


My question is: You two are just so damn gorgeous! Are your dates spent making out, filled with breaks spent staring at each other and marvelling at what fine specimens you both are or do you talk too?

(Lol, I’m kidding guys, they are both great conversationalists)

  1. Pearl Thusi and Robert Marawa

This pairing has pretty much been confirmed by Files Twitter who compared shirts and caps from different pics to verify that Marawa is the man in Pearl’s life but the media personalities also haven’t confirmed their relationship yet.


Rumours are swirling about the two being engaged after Pearl walked the red carpet at the 22nd Annual SAMA’s wearing what looked like an engagement ring but those are currently still just rumours…

She even posted this very ‘professional’ video taken after the two hosted some sports show together. I don’t know if her intent was to play with fans feelings or as a way to unofficially say “yes people! We’re official.”

#ALaCarte done and dusted! Thank you for your professionalism and the fun. Lovely to meet you! 🤗👌🏾🌟😘

A video posted by Pearl Thusi- Real Black Pearl (@pearlthusi) on Jun 12, 2016 at 2:03am PDT


  1. Mthoko ‘Dash’ Makhathini and Ayanda Thabethe

Ayanda recently posted a cute picture of herself with Dash to wish him a happy birthday and while I thought the image was too cute and intimate for a so-called buddy, I brushed off my suspicions.


Until it was confirmed that the pair hit up the Don’t Look Down/V-Entertainment studios to drop off Dash’s birthday cake for the V-Entertainment crew for Tuesday night’s episode. They were allegedly looking all coupled-up and cute but until we have confirmation, this is just another suspected coupling.

  1. Sizwe “Reason” Moekesti and Luthando “Loot Love” Sosha

One minute he’s married, one minute he’s allegedly single, the next, he’s with Loot. At this rate, the South African entertainment industry should band together and form the South African Brick Squad Association with a certain effervescent somebody 🐝 at the helm.


While there aren’t really any pics of the pair that may lead us to think this is true, they have been spotted getting all cozy at events on more than one occasion (usually each other’s events). And it doesn’t help when their celebrity friends do things like drop hints on live shows and shit.

  1. Khanya Mkangisa and Matli Mohapeloa

While they aren’t exactly secretive about their relationship, they are such a private pair that not many people know that they are together.


Assuming their romantic relationship was sparked on the Zabalaza set, Khanya and Matli have been going strong for quite a while and they make quite a cute couple.

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