Shane Eagle on Becoming a Presenter and Opening His Own Business

Fans of Vuzu’s ‘The Hustle’ know him as the thorn in AKA’s side and one of the competition’s top 4 contestants even though he wasn’t expected to make it that far. Almost a year after his appearance on the show, Shane Eagle is doing more than his fare share of soaring, creating a legacy beyond his reality star status.

Not only is the 20-year-old rapper the latest addition to a team of presenters that Vuzu calls ‘The Vuzu 5’ but he also going hard in the music arena thanks to the opportunity afforded to him by ‘The Hustle.’

I spoke to him about becoming a presenter, the possibility of becoming an actor and opening his own company, Eagle Entertainment. Check it out…


Media Girl: Now that you’re back, what it is it that you plan to do? Both as a rapper and as a presenter? (*sidenote: this is a poor pun I tried to come up with based on the title of his latest single)

Shane: Well, I haven’t really gone anywhere, I’ve always been here. The title ‘I’m Back’ is a little more conceptual than what people may think. The song was created to represent any struggle people may be facing that they feel they have bounced back from or need to bounce back from. There is no literal meaning behind the song, because I am only starting now, this is just the beginning.

“My aim is always to do my best, whether I’m in studio or on set, I believe in myself and every day, every gig, every show is a building block for my future.”

Media Girl: The song has been out for a few months, how has it performed thus far?

Shane: The song has been received well. Social Media has been crazy since the release and when I perform it at the clubs, it really gets people going. I’m happy with the response thus far.

Media Girl: What’s next for Eagle Entertainment?

Shane: The company is almost a month old so we are in the building phase at the moment. However, we have set up the framework needed to support growth and most importantly to own all our assets. You can expect big things from Eagle Entertainment in the next year or so. We have a solid team who share a common vision.

Media Girl: Has it [I’m Back] been playlisted on radio?

Shane: Yeah for sure! We started our national sampling process last week and have received some great responses from the stations, the seeding process will take a few more days to hit all stations as there is a process that needs to be followed. However, the song has been playlist on YFM, 5FM and a few others already.

Shane Eagle
Shane Eagle. Image source:

Media Girl: When you entered ‘The Hustle’, was it part of your plan to branch out into other forms of entertainment after the show or was presenting an opportunity you only thought about once it came along?

Shane: My goal has always been to be a rapper, because that is what I am. But, I am always open to new ideas about what I could do. So when Vuzu came around with an offer, I had a chat to my team and we decided that it is a great platform for me to do my thing.

Media Girl: Would you ever consider acting or will you stick to rapping and presenting?

Shane: To be honest, I don’t think I’ll go into the acting world. I’m a rapper.

Media Girl: What have you discovered or learned about the realities of a music career now that The Hustle is over and you have been exposed to certain things?

Shane: The music industry is a tricky one filled with so many variables that play a role in your progress. What I have learnt so far is that nobody or nothing can take YOU away from YOU.

“If you remain true to yourself and make music that expresses that, you’ll be good.”

I must say, since I hadn’t followed ‘The Hustle’ from the very beginning, I was very surprised about how old (read: young) Shane is. Considering the answers he gave to my questions however, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, a good team behind him and a bright future ahead of him.

Stream Shane Eagle’s “I’m Back” here:

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