Blayze on the 90% Local Rule and His New Track, Zwakala

The recent application of the 90% local content rule for SABC radio stations has finally opened the door for our artists to grab a bigger slice of the pie. While there have been discussions about how this is not as clean cut and beneficial as it seems, that shouldn’t stop local artists from going for gold.

Dylan ‘ Blayze’ King is one such artist and I got the chance to speak to the rapper and producer about his latest track titled Zwakala featuring LeboLukeWarm and Moneoa.

“There’s nothing bad you can say about 90% local. We’re not producing sub standard work so it’s about time.”

The song, produced by Sizwe Noyas, was recorded last winter but only released recently. Whether this was intentional or not, it was perfect timing on Blayze’s part because even though Zwakala was only sent to radio stations a few weeks ago and it has already been play listed by 5FM as well as some stations Kenya and Botswana. It is only a matter of time before Blayze adds more stations to that list.

“You can’t tell our work apart from international stuff. They’re not looking out for us so we have to…”

While having Moneoa on the hook isn’t an unusual choice Blayze admits that he has always wanted to work with her, stating, “I really admire her tone and her range so I called her up and she came into studio and just did her thing.”

What is unusual however is LeboLukeWarm’s presence on the track. Most people know Lebo as a photographer so the feature was bound to raise some eyebrows. The two are actually good friends who spend a lot of time together. Lebo even shot the feature image for Blayze’s ‘Ladies Night’ EP.

“Yeah they do [know him as a photographer] but what people don’t know is that he’s passionate about music. He was there when I got the beat and we hang out and speak a lot about creative projects so it was a natural progression” explained Blayze.

If you’re as curious about the song as I was, you can download Zwakala featuring LeboLukeWarm and Moneoa here or you can stream it here.


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