WATCH: Cassper Nyovest on Sway in the Morning

While people are lauding Cassper Nyovest for becoming the first South African hip hop artist to appear on America’s Sway in the Morning radio show, others have qualms with the show’s historical representation of South Africa and his constant American comparisons.

Cass needs to thank MTV’s Sizwe Dhlomo when he gets home because Siz is one of the people who told Sway about Cass. It seems as though Siz and Sway are friends and in addition to Sway and DJ Supanova, Cassper’s international fan base includes Wiz Khalifa who Sway said is one of the American rappers that admires Cassper.

Cass didn’t waste time talking about “the haters” and went on to make it seem as though there is a lot of hate going around in the South African music scene. Sway in the Morning co-host, Heather B. Gardner, didn’t miss a beat before jumping in to remind him that Ms. Cosmo was on the show not so long ago and she had a different story to tell.

Ms. Cosmo came through and she was just talking about the love and everything as well, and that people do support each other … So for us it seems like there is nothing but love and support for each other with you guys,” said Gardner.

Cassper’s response was to say that he is one of the country’s “most loved and most hated,” which turned into a Kanye comparison *yawns.*

“They call me like, the Kanye West of South Africa… Just in terms of creativity and pushing boundaries and being an individual.”

He then told Sway and his listeners about his upbringing right up until he moved to Johannesburg which he compared to New York… *yawns again.*

“Hip hop introduced me to America… or it introduced America to me…”

In addition to all the American comparisons, Cass went on to talk about his relationship with HHP (who he called South Africa’s  Jay-Z *rolls eyes*). But he chose to side-step the negative aspect of that relationship and merely spoke about how much of a role Jabba played in setting him up for the career he has now built for himself.

He also went on to explain where he got the name “Cassper Nyovest” which in part, comes from Casper the friendly ghost and is combined with a made up word. Said made up word was inspired by Pharrells “yezzir” adlib.

“You guys [American hip-hop culture] don’t understand what you mean to the world and sometimes you need to be told”

Cass is such a fan of America that he’s even dying to sample their women. He’s been thirsting so hard on his snapchat recently and he took that thirst on air and sent out a… ‘mating call’[?]…asking American women (specifically Amber Rose) to follow him on Instagram so that he can show them a good time if they ever come to South Africa.

“I’ve been doing African groupies all my life…”

IDK how Cass is going to talk about hate when the show got so many calls from Africans in America who were clearly so excited by having another African on Sway in the Morning. There were callers from Zambia, Nigeria and Tanzania.

One kid even called in and asked to battle Cass but Cass declined (I wonder why). He says it’s simply because he’s not there anymore but people come at him often because (according to him) he’s number 1 where he’s from and if people take him down then that makes them number one.


I rate he should have just done it because the kid was wack and It would have been an easy win for him. He then closed the show off with a freestyle over the beat to Beyoncé’s ‘Partition.’

I won’t say anything about his freestyle other than:

Cassper stress

You can watch the entire thing here and decide for yourself:

Shout out to Sway for having such a vast understanding of the African hip-hop scene. Our artists are doing such great work that they deserve to put on the world stage and shine in their own right (without comparisons). Despite all the shenanigans, shout out to Cassper on his appearance on the show and his BET nomination.


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