Cassper Nyovest sat in the ‘Same Chair as Kanye’ and made a song about it

And the Kanye West obsession continues…

The song, creatively 😒 titled ‘Same Chair as Kanye’ actually just Cassper Nyovest’s “freestyle” from his Sway in the Morning appearance which (to me) serves as further evidence that it wasn’t a “freestyle,” but it has made me realize that you guys were right, his “freestyle” wasn’t hot trash as I initially thought. He tried shem.

Maybe the hot beat is what made me more receptive to listening to it or I needed another listen just to be sure. I’m not saying it’s the best, I feel he could have done better but kudos to Cassper on taking the opportunity and running with it. He’s growing – dare I say, improving – lyrically.

You can stream ‘Same Chair as Kanye’ by Cassper Nyovest here:

Or you can click here to download ‘Same Chair as Kanye’ if you like the song.

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