DJ Vigilante Responds To Bangout Criticism, Kicks Off The Bangout Tour

Initially dubbed the #DustDJCollabo, DJ Vigilante’s latest single #Bangout managed to gain a lot of interest on the social media streets prior to its release. This was because the track was set to feature some of South Africa’s best rap talent in the form of K.O., AKA and Nasty C.

Fast forward a few weeks and my timeline was filled with posts expressing disappointment in both the track’s quality as well as K.O and Nasty C’s verses. I spoke to Cashtime Life’s DJ Vigilante about Bangout, the criticism and whether or not we can expect a video for the single.

vigi bangout promo 1

“You can’t please everyone, you know. When I first released God’s Will and sent it to radio, it was rejected and look at where it is now… Some people had a specific sound in mind. They expected a trap sound and when they didn’t get it, I guess they were disappointed,” said Vigi, sounding seemingly unphased by the criticism.

humortrafficker bangout

He says he chose to feature those particular artists on the track because to him, they symbolise the different generations or eras of South African rap. With K.O coming from his Teargas days, to AKA’s significant growth over the last few years and Nasty-C’s come up, Vigi felt each artist brought something unique to the track and rounded it out nicely.

Which is probably why he decided to turn Bangout into an experience called ‘The Bangout Tour.’

claro tweet 1

Cashtime Life co-founder, Thabiso Kati described the tour as “a concert experience curated by Vigi featuring the artists on the track” – not as acts that show up, perform and leave immediately afterwards but as an experience for that fans that allows them to encounter Vigi as a master sound conductor, AKA and his live band, K.O and his visual presentation and Nasty-C as a performer and wordsmith.

Seeing as each artist has a substantial musical catalogue behind them, including past collaborations such as God’s Will and Run Jozi, Kati says the night promises to deliver more than just a set of performances.

Vigi confirmed that there will also be a music video, hopefully following the tour, which he would like to release sometime in July. It’s just a little difficult to put together considering he collaborated with jet-setters who boast such busy schedules.

Despite the fan’s disappointment, the song seems to be performing well as it was once number on iTunes SA across all genre’s and it is still currently in the local Apple Music top 10. You can stream DJ Vigilante’s ‘Bangout’ featuring K.O., Nasty-C and AKA below or click here to buy it on iTunes:

Witbank’s Value Meat Shisa Nyama will play host to the first night of The Bangout Tour. Tickets start at R150 and they will be available at the door.

bangout tour poster

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