Trevor Gumbi Set To Play ‘The Sober Companion’ In New Show

Come Monday night, we’ll be able to see how Trevor Gumbi drew on his own experience having been through the journey of drug rehabilitation to play the lead character in SABC 3’s dark new comedy, ‘The Sober Companion.’ 

The half hour irreverent, fast paced dark comedy created by Gumbi and acclaimed screen queen Tiffany Barbuzano, follows the lead character, Trevor (yes, that’s his name) as he guides a variety of addicts on the path to rehabilitation, whilst putting his own sobriety in jeopardy.

“The TV series is my life laid bare, for your viewing pleasure” – Gumbi

The show was developed as an answer to the demand for more current and local television content, as it tells the stories South Africans can identify with. ‘The Sober Companion’ dives into the infamous world of drug addiction and rehabilitation, as lived by Trevor, as he coaches various addicts while they reintegrate themselves into a world free from addiction.

Apart from the compelling plot, ‘The Sober Companion’, also features sincere and unrestricted performances from a stellar cast which includes some of South Africa’s highly acclaimed actors and actresses. This includes; Chris Beasley, actor and musician Kabomo Vilakazi, renowed comedian Tumi Morake and The Prince of Theatre, Athandwa Kani. The show will also features some fresh talent from young actors who will experience their first big break on The Sober Companion’.

I guess they’re also trying to #OpenUpTheIndustry too.

The first episode of the ‘The Sober Companion’ will air on SABC 3, Monday, 4 July 2016, at 9PM.


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