How dope would an all female remix of DJ Switch’s #NowOrNever be?

If DJ Switch and his Twitter followers get their way, we might just be in for a treat when local rappers heed the call out for an all girl remix of his smash hit ‘Now or Never.’ 

The #LeFemmeRemix (if it happens) would be the third version of the song which was first released a few months ago featuring Proverb, Kwesta, Reason and Shane Eagle.

The remix is barely a week old but it has the local hip hop scene abuzz with conversation and a little controversy.

First of all, the line up is CRAZY – serving a little something for hip hop fans of every kind. It features Pro, Youngsta CPT, Reason, Ginger Trill, Siya Shezi, Kid Tini, Priddy Ugly, Zakwe, Shane Eagle (who’s verse STILL has the streets talking), Bigstar Johnson, Blaklez and Proverb. Damn.

Secondly, B. A. R. S!!!!!

Thirdly, the beat is gully. Ganja Beatz and DJ Switch did the damn thing!

None of the rappers on the line up held back and I am not complaining.

What I am complaining about is how people want to create factions within hip hop and throw stones from the barracks. No guys!

‘Now or Never’ is not the segue (pun intended) for an old vs. new school/ trap vs. rap debate.

Both genres can co-exist and enjoying one more than the other doesn’t make you some kind of hip-hop hall of fame super fan. What ‘Now or Never’ does is show how you all cry for the industry to open up but when it does open up and give birth to something new, you shit on it…

I digress though, back to the issue at hand


Last night, DJ Switch called on fans to call out the female rappers that they would like to see on the all girl remix of ‘Now or Never.’ Rogue, Gigi Lamayne, Nadia Nakai, Fifi Cooper, Moozlie, Bad Santana, Klutch Kollectiv and Patty Monroe came out tops and now all we have to do is wait and see who heeds the call out.

I’m not worried about the girls being able to hold it down as well as the boys did, in fact, I’m excited AF to see who steps up and what they bring to the mic.

If you would like to call out your favorite femmé, log on to Twitter and tag her, along with the #LeFemmeRemix and #NowOrNever hashtags and don’t forget to cc @DJSwitchSA and @MsCosmoDJ


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