#MediaGirlMeets: DJ Sabby Talks About Realising His Drive Time Dream with #TheBestDrive

What do you do when you finally realize a dream that has been six years in the making? I recently sat down with YFM’s DJ Sabby to find out all about his new drive time slot, his Get Paid movement and the lessons that he has learned over the years.

Although Sabelo “DJ Sabby” Mtshali is no stranger to holding down a major show, the pressure of moving from midday to drive time is quite palpable.

“You go from keeping people company in that time between breakfast and lunch to being the person that takes them home. You have to ensure that you keep them entertained and that they end their work day off on a good note.”

Sabby says the fan response has been insane and surprisingly positive thus far. He had expected the listeners to be unhappy about getting to know a new drive time DJ but they have received him and his co-hosts (Samke and Tshepi) quite well.

Another thing the listeners have taken a liking to is the “Shut Up” feature he introduced to the show. Sabby describes it as one of the ways in which he and his co-hosts try to ensure that their listeners don’t take the negativity of the work day home with them. The Best Drive team gives listeners the chance to call and say “shut up” to whoever/whatever they wish as a way to vent.


In addition to The Best Drive, Sabby managed to keep his spot on Live n Reyired because he says live music holds a special place in his heart as live and unplugged performances hold the potential for something new and exciting.

Drive time is a big deal, no matter what station you work for and Sabby has always known this seeing as this move has been six years in the making. It began the moment that he enrolled in the Y Academy and he says he hasn’t stopped learning ever since.

6 years, 6 lessons:

1. Friends are subjective. Most people in the game are seasonal; they come and go (just like the seasons)

2. NEVER announce any move until the ink is dry

3. Being busy is the only way you will get paid. Money is not made via 1 hustle in this business

4. Be patient. It’s not an over night process

5. Don’t burn your bridges

6. Stay in your lane and keep your head up

Speaking of making money through multiple hustles; one would think that all the projects Sabby dabbles in would have to take a back seat to his role as a radio DJ but he says the key lies in managing your time and realizing how much of a valuable commodity that time is.

He also has a passion for giving back through sharing those life lessons and his time with young people as he believes motivation is an essential tool for helping them progress.
This passion for motivating his peers also gave birth to his movement called Get Paid, through which he currently sells branded apparel. Although the movement had quietened down for a while it seems to be regaining its previous momentum.

Sabby attributes the brand momentarily losing its hype to the fact that it grew at a rate faster than what he and his partner had planned for so they hadn’t yet made contingencies for that growth. But, they took the stumbling block as another lesson and Sabby says they are ready to pick up where they left off and grow from strength to strength.


He also revealed that he intends on working with both formal ways of retailing the product and selling the tee’s and hoodies through a street team of young go-getters as a way to empower them financially while letting them have a way to pull in some extra income.

Catch DJ Sabby (and his co-hosts Samke and Tshepi) every day from 3-6pm on YFM (99.2), which you can also live stream here.


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