Beyoncé’s IVy Park Finally Comes to SA But What’s The Big Deal?

Am I the only one that had chest pains when it was announced that king B (Beyoncé Knowles) was teaming up with Top Shop to bring fans a unique athleisure line that wouldn’t be made available in South Africa? 

Then I’m probably also not the only one who was ecstatic to find out that we eventually got the chance to shop the range (named after her daughter) right in the comfort of our own country as of last week.

I mean it shouldn’t have been a surprise that we don’t get IVy Park merch seeing as we don’t get a Formation WORLD Tour either but a girl is allowed to dream.

It’s been just under a week since the range was made available in South Africa and locals are already deciding what they will have to sacrifice in order to buy some of the merch.

“Everything lifts and sucks in your waist and enhances the female form” – Beyoncé

IVy Park is an activewear brand that merges fashion-led design with technical innovation to create a new kind of performance wear; modern essentials both on and off the field.

“Sir Philip has created some amazing collaborations but I wanted a partnership and a stand-alone brand. When I’m working and rehearsing, I live in my workout clothes but I didn’t feel there was an athletic brand that spoke to me. My goal with Ivy Park is to push the boundaries of athletic wear and to support and inspire women who understand that beauty is more than your physical appearance. True beauty is in the health of our minds, hearts and bodies. I know that when I feel physically strong, I am mentally strong and I wanted to create a brand that made other women feel the same way,”
said Beyoncé in a statement.

Chairman of the Arcadia group, Sir Philip Green echoed her sentiments by saying “I want to thank Beyoncé for trusting me and our company as her partner for IVy Park. It has been an incredible 18 months experience working closely with her and her team to create the IVy Park brand. Her engagement, our many meetings and her continued involvement in the range development has enabled us to deliver some wonderful products. It has been great fun, exciting and hugely memorable. I believe this is just the begging get of our IVy Park journey together.”

The line was designed with an “invisible” body-controlling inner lining and was inspired by elements on men’s clothes. In an interview with Elle Magazine earlier this year, Bey revealed that she designed it that way to prevent that extra bounce you get from certain body parts whenever you’re active.

“It won’t be real until I see women at the gym, in the park, on the street wearing the collection,sweating in it and loving it” – Beyonce


You can view the range online at, @WeAreIvyPark, #IVYPARK and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @mediagirl_za


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