Calling All Emcee’s: Here’s Your Chance to be on Vuzu’s ‘The Hustle’

Around mid 2015, Vuzu launched a show that catapulted the likes of Shane Eagle, Shabz Medallion and Big Star Johnson into the limelight and now, they’re giving you the chance to pave your own road to stardom.


Well,¬†according to Times Live, a mini-studio will be set up at this weekend’s Maftown Heights Music Festival, where fans can record a track and share it online.

Those who bring their A-game¬†“might even unlock a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“Those with real talent, mad skill and the ability to entertain, might land themselves a spot as a contestant in the next season of The Hustle on VUZU AMP in 2017,” said the channel in a statement.

So if you’re serious about life, see you at Maftown Heights THIS FRIDAY!


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