“No one is ugly, you’re probably just broke” – Celebs respond to the hate in online video series

You’ve probably heard the saying “Twitter fingers turn [in] to trigger fingers by now” and if you spend as much time as I do reading Tweets and online comments, you will know how out of line some people can get.

Especially when it comes to celebrities. Continue reading ““No one is ugly, you’re probably just broke” – Celebs respond to the hate in online video series”


#MediaGirlReviews: Disney’s Moana

The first Disney film I ever watched was The Lion King on video tape and I’ve been hooked on Disney films ever since.

While Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new CG-animated feature film “Moana” is not the greatest Disney film I’ve ever seen it was an enjoyable film with the kind of heart-warming message I’d like my younger sisters to take home. Continue reading “#MediaGirlReviews: Disney’s Moana”

Tibz Becomes a Bisquit Man – Here’s Why You Should Care

Avid social media users and anyone privy to the inner workings of the local music industry has heard of Tebello Motsoane in some for or another – most probably under the moniker, Tibz.

But now that he has just completed the first of many Café Tibz collaborations with one of the world’s most prestigious cognacs, Bisquit, why should we care? Continue reading “Tibz Becomes a Bisquit Man – Here’s Why You Should Care”

#MediaGirlMeets: Trap Soul Singer K.L.Y

by: Kay Tatyana Selisho and Mamosa Kekana

As a keen observer of the music industry, it’s always exciting to witness new talent flourish and innovate in an industry where the most successful commercial songs are predominantly from the rap and house music genres.

22-year-old singer, songwriter and producer – K.L.Y – is one of the most prominent in a group of young artists who are the first to Continue reading “#MediaGirlMeets: Trap Soul Singer K.L.Y”