“No one is ugly, you’re probably just broke” – Celebs respond to the hate in online video series

You’ve probably heard the saying “Twitter fingers turn [in] to trigger fingers by now” and if you spend as much time as I do reading Tweets and online comments, you will know how out of line some people can get.

Especially when it comes to celebrities. Because they are in the public eye, and so easily accessible via social media, people feel this weird sense of ownership over them and their lives and they will never waste anytime letting them know it.

In a concept first popularized by American television host, Jimmy Kimmel, online publication Times Live has given celebs a chance to respond to the trolls in a video series called #CelebsShadeTwitter.

Here are a few of the famous faces featured in the video series:

Thando Thabethe

Like me, she is incredibly spicy and your grammar better be on point if you want to come for her. Yaaaass honey!

Lexi Van

Ever since that not-so-little incident on Big Brother and her subsequent relationship with fellow house mate, Mandla, people have been saying whatever they please to Lexi.

She has never been one to let it slide but this is definitely the first time she has responded in video form

Minnie Dlamini

Who cares about the hate when you can just wake up and decide “hmm, I want a new BMW”? Which is why her response to one tweep, who asked her to date him because she is beautiful and he’s ugly so they would make the average couple, was “no one is ugly, you’re probably just broke.” 🔥


And yes, he did remind us that he said “nonke,” that includes you.

Kenny Kunene

I couldn’t stop laughing after he got called a “fallen blesser.”

Wow! Which celebs would you like to see respond to the hate next?

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