Happy Birthday Major League! Stream this playlist of their best tracks

Johannesburg-based DJ duo Banele and Bandile Mbere turn 26 today and in celebration of this milestone, I created a major league playlist for you guys to enjoy.

The Major League DJz were actually born in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States but they later moved to Johannesburg following the fall of apartheid.

They officially got their start in 2006 hosting after parties for concerts as well as other events. Over a decade later, they have amassed an incredible list of accomplisments. Among those accomplishments is the highly popular Major League Gardens series of events.

According to Zkhipani, they have hosted after parties for the likes of 50 cent, Akon and Fat Joe and many more. It wasn’t until 2008 that they started DJ’ing and became known as Major League.

The name ‘Major League DJz’ stems from the fact that the boys we among the first Black people to play provincial baseball in South Africa.

By American standards, the Major League is the pinnacle when it comes to baseball and if you play in the majors then you’ve officially made it.

Check out this playlist that I compiled and let me know if you think their catalogue makes them worthy of the majors.


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