AKA To Earn Royalties On A Per-Bottle-Sold Basis

Following the successful signing of his multi-million rand ambassador deal with Cruz Vodka back in 2016, one of Africa’s biggest stars, AKA, has collaborated with the brand to create the much-anticipated limited edition Watermelon-flavored Cruz Vodka.

The SupaMega held an intimate launch/ exclusive press conference in Bryanston last night to introduce the public to his new baby.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 2.37.23 PM
According to AKA’s camp, this exclusive partnership is the first of its kind in Africa, ranking on the same level as international deals for Sean Combs’ partnership with Ciroc and 50 Cents’ with Vitamin Water.

Under the terms of this partnership agreement, AKA is going beyond the typical endorser/ambassador role to share in the vodka’s profit split per bottle sold throughout Africa – a game changer in the South African spirit beverage industry.

Forbes’ drive to maintain his longevity and brand influence beyond music has seen him strive to become a pioneer in moulding and influencing the celebrity-brand engagement dynamic in Africa.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 2.37.51 PM

Along with his team, BEAM Group, AKA took the creative lead in producing the “sexy” look and feel of the Cruz Watermelon packaging – a refreshing alternative to the original vintage black bottle.

Cruz Watermelon Vodka is the result of an infusion of natural watermelon juice and vodka. It has an intense flavour profile with a fresh, fruity character and a crisp finish.

“The new Cruz Watermelon Vodka combines one of my favourite flavours with the best vodka. We’ve created something so desirable that everyone will want to drink it, whether mixing in cocktails or enjoying straight on the rocks, a truly desirable product.”


This game-changing partnership has been made possible by Cruz Vodka as they intend to empower African artists while encouraging other brands to invest rightfully within the entertainment industry and talent/artists holistically. Cruz Vodka is excited and privileged to partner with AKA in bringing this innovative new flavour to the market.

The limited edition Cruz Watermelon Vodka is available at all leading retailers while stock last for about R299.00


Main image credit: Supplied


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