Welcome to my blog guys and dolls!

As the tagline explains, I am an entertainment journalist and digital content creator seeking the fullest expression of self through producing a variety of content under some of my favourite topics.

With pop culture serving as the anchor, I aim to provide my audience with fashion, music, entertainment and lifestyle content. My interest in art and history also have a very big influence on the content I produce.  

I decided to create this blog using one of my choice hashtags for the Instagram posts I use to illustrate my life and experiences as a young woman working in media (#mediagirlchronicles).

I have been a journalist for a few years, specializing in fashion and entertainment writing at publications like Live Mag, Times Live and Sowetan Live as well as media houses such as Times Media Group.

The network I built and the invaluable things I learned while working for such publications enable me to finally branch out on my own and produce and publish the work that often went ignored, forgotten or changed beyond recognition.

Keeping in mind that there is still a lot for me to learn, I would still love the chance to work at various local and international media houses in future.

In the meantime, this blog will serve as a conduit for my creativity and skill as well as a portfolio for future employers and collaborators to refer to.

I have major plans for the Media Girl brand but they would not be possible without my network and my audience.

If you would like to add me to your mailing list for press releases and media alerts, my e-mail address is mediagirlchronicles[at]gmail.com

If you would like to connect on social media, find me on:





Love and light,

Kay Tatyana Selisho (a.k.a the Media Girl behind Media Girl Chronicles)


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